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The Family’s Christmas Presents

A couple of months before Christmas, I sent a text to my family asking them, “What do you want for Christmas? Make it easy on my college kid wallet.”

The youngest, Johnny, didn’t want anything handmade. He asked for NHL 09 or NFL 12. He got NHL 09. Oh, my brother. I swear he’s become an All-American teen.

But the rest of my family wanted handmade things, and that was definitely my realm.

The middle brother, Ricky, is a total game nerd. He loves video games, but his current passion is card games. He asked me initially to make a bag to hold an entire deck, but after trying to explain to me how big it was, he eventually gave me dimension and said, “Go crazy.” I asked for any specifics, and he said it had to be blue and black, and a water drop should be on there somewhere. Here’s the result:

I crocheted it back and forth and then surface stitched over the blue stitches so the water drop motif would look cleaner. The cord is a foundation chain with one row of slip stitching.

My dad wanted a lap blanket to go with the huge blanket I made him last Christmas. The color scheme was totally different, though. While the huge blanket was brown, gray, and white (neutral colors), the lap blanket was green and brown. I decided a granny blanket would be nice and easy to make. I asked for dimensions, and he gave me 5’x3′- which ended up not being the finishing dimensions. It is still an acceptable size, though!

I didn’t block it, so it doesn’t lay flat. However, my dad doesn’t care. Woo! I did a reverse single crochet edging. I really love the ropy look reverse single crochet gives!
My mother was simple. She’s really easy to make things for because we’re both craft-oriented, and whenever she sees something she likes, she asks me to make it, and whenever I see something I like, she makes it for me. I picked up a wristwarmer knitting book from a Japanese bookstore a while back, and my mom wanted me to make her sleeveless gloves in order to keep her hands warm. She pointed out the pattern, gave me colors, and off I went! She loved them and wore them all break. I wish I had gotten a picture of her wearing them. They fit her.
My hands are rather large…
There you have it! My crafty 2013 Christmas. I may not do it this year and get one large present my family can share instead. This year, I’m doing selfish knitting. I have a ton of WIPs to work on that are very interesting for me. Keep an eye out for those!

Happy birthday!

Today was Nate’s birthday. It was a lovely day spent watching the Doctor Who Christmas episode, playing Majora’s Mask, eating dinner with his family, and playing Apples to Apples with people who actually have a sense of humor similar to mine.  My family tends to be more realistic. He absolutely loves his gift, a Legend of Zelda scarf from this website. I found it on Ravelry in English. Go check it out!

Speaking of Ravelry, I’ve added four new projects to work on. They’re all blankets because I am in a blanket making mood. Two of them are Portal blankets, one for me, one for Nate. The inspiration is this:

He gets the orange one and I get the blue one. It works out just fine. We both get the colors we want!
The next blanket is for my mother on her birthday. She loves Donald Duck, so for her, I’m creating the Donald Duck blanket. I figured the catchphrase “oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!” worked much better with this image of Donald than “What’s the big idea?” or the angry noises that my mom and I think look something like this: “#!?” And he looks happy! I’m sure she’ll love this blanket.
The fourth blanket is for my dad. He loves his Florida Gators. He graduated from the University of Florida, so I figured why not make him a Gators blanket? I used a pixel logo I found on deviantart and made some serious changes to it to make the gator look more realistic. I grew up a Gators fan. That logo looking accurate is insanely important to me partially because of that reason.


A completed present!

I finished my dad’s blanket on Sunday afternoon. Greatest accomplishment of the weekend. It is ultimately sized at 4’3″ x approx. 7′. It’s approximately 7 feet because I got just under seven feet, seven feet exactly, and just above seven feet the three times I measured it. I’m just going to average it and go with it’s 7 feet. It’s really warm and quite comfortable. It was such a blast to make.

In order to get the whole blanket, I had to put this on the living room floor and run up to the second floor. I couldn’t take a picture from the top of my bed to my bedroom floor. Nope. Second floor down to the living room floor.
The top and bottom edging of the blanket. It’s a reverse single crochet and chain 1, skipping every other dc. It has a nice, sophisticated look to it.
Edging on the left and right sides of the blanket. Done while crocheting, so there was no extra effort! It’s great. I love the little loops.
I sat next to the TV to take this picture. It looks huge, doesn’t it? I’m really proud of it. I think my dad will like it.

Progress on Christmas Presents

I measured my dad’s blanket yesterday and found out I have 16.5 inches left of the blanket. When I found out, I thought, “HALLELUJAH.” I’m almost done with the fourth pattern repeat of Nate’s scarf.

I’m starting to feel the crunch for making presents. I’m going to be working on it almost nonstop for the next week or so because I have no finals. I anticipate a few trips to the library to work on the scarf with a peaceful mind and plenty of episodes of Cake Boss to finish the blanket. I WILL get these presents done.

Then I get to start on a hat for my aunt. She was supposed to go through radiation treatment, but the hospital or something called and said she couldn’t do it because of her oxygen levels or something. I’m still making her that hat. I want to cheer up my aunt. She’s going through a hard time with her sickness and she’s my favorite aunt (I feel like I’m not supposed to pick favorites among family, but she’s the best). I’ll be making her this hat in Caron’s Simply Soft “Forest” colorway. I think I’ll make a medium hat for a safe bet. She wanted to stand out in a crowd, but not too much. This hat will accomplish it for her. I showed my dad several patterns and colors (she’s his sister, after all), and he went right for that hat in the forest color. I can’t wait to start on it.

Christmas Presents

As usual, I’m making my family Christmas presents. I recently finish a pair of gloves for Ricky. I’ve only got my dad’s blanket and Nate’s scarf to go. Take a look at the things I’ve been making:

My dad’s striped afghan pattern comes from a book called 1-2-3 Crochet. I’ve adapted it to be about 4 ft wide and 7 feet long. I don’t know why my dad wants it that long… But it’s very warm. I’ve always liked making blankets because once it gets to a certain length, it keeps me warm.
Johnny’s beanie. The green is darker in reality. It does not look that… washed out. This comes from a pattern called the Doctor Who Slouchy Beanie, but I can’t find the website I got it off of. I found it through ravelry, but now it’s not showing up.
This comes from a book called Modern Top-Down Knitting by Kristina McGowan. The skirt does do a very obvious color change… But I think it looks nice in person because it gives this dress some character! I have yet to block it (as seen by the markers holding the ends together so it doesn’t go all wavy). I hope it fits.
Ricky’s water gloves from the Cigar pattern. He really only wants a pair of fingerless gloves, so I changed the last two fingers to make them fingerless. The water drop is off center. I’m fixing that when I write up how I did this. But Ricky isn’t a perfectionist. His only request was that if one was off center, the other had to be, too. I could do that.
Finally, Nate’s scarf from the Twilight Princess scarf pattern. I was going through ravelry and found this. His gasp of joy decided it. I would make him this scarf. And so now I am! I’ve just finished the third pattern repeat. Four more to go! This isn’t a Christmas present. It’s Nate’s birthday present. He already got his Christmas present.

Handmade Christmas gifts are always the best. I love making them!