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What is this Umineko? + Persona 3!

Two years ago, my friend Jen asked me to make her a Sakutaro. She realized I did not know what Sakutaro was, so she sent me a link. It wasn’t the below picture, but she sent me a picture of an already crocheted one.  I looked up pictures of Sakutaro, and I found several pictures of him in a human form, but not the lion form she wanted! So I used the crocheted picture as a beginning.
Two years later, and I finally started on him. XD I’ve so far only completed his head and body… I need to do just about everything else. It’s hard trying to figure out how to make an amigurumi from just a picture. It’s turning out well, I think. I’m working hard!
Nate introduced me to a new game called “Persona 3”. He let me borrow his PSP (one of his PSPs) and the game, and now I’m playing through it. I love the story, and the voice acting helps lend to the character’s being believable. The most recent event I played through was the 10/4 operation. I’m playing as Minako, FYI, so (SPOILER ALERT) when Shinjiro got shot by Takaya and fell into a coma (/END SPOILER 8D), I’m sitting here saying, “I know he isn’t dead, but this is so bad!” When talking to the others in the dorm, Mitsuru said, “I want to visit him, but the doctors won’t allow visitors. They said his heart could stop at any second.” I sat there and said, “That just made this so much worse. ;_;”
Thanks to playing this game, I’ve been inspired to make two items some characters wear- Minako’s winter scarf, which I can use for my Minako winter cosplay, and Shinjiro’s hat, which I just want. There’s not particular reason for making it besides the fact I want it. XD
I’m excited to cosplay Minako and Mitsuru for the anime convention this year. Nate is cosplaying Minato, so we get two Persona characters. XD Mitsuru’s outfit is very easy… I just need a wig. ^_^;; And for Minako, I need to make her school jacket. I can’t wait until it comes around! Now if only they’d update the site for the con. >.>