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Completed Sakutaro and WIPs?

I finished the Sakutaro from a few months ago. Here we are!

There are several things that could be fixed, but I can’t go back and fix it now. D: I haven’t given it to Jen… She hasn’t been on dA where I’ve posted it.
My current WIP is a Ravenclaw scarf for my boyfriend. ┬áThis is it from forever ago. It’s much longer now- almost finished!
He’s a proud Ravenclaw like I am. I can’t give it to him in time for the final movie- I’m an ocean away. Chilling in Hawaii, that’s where I am~
I’ve got such a huge list of projects I have to work on. Most of them are thankfully tiny, but I’ve been given another project where I have to guess the pattern- a heartless from Kingdom hearts! :D I’m excited to get to work on this one.