Completed Sakutaro and WIPs?

I finished the Sakutaro from a few months ago. Here we are!

There are several things that could be fixed, but I can’t go back and fix it now. D: I haven’t given it to Jen… She hasn’t been on dA where I’ve posted it.
My current WIP is a Ravenclaw scarf for my boyfriend.  This is it from forever ago. It’s much longer now- almost finished!
He’s a proud Ravenclaw like I am. I can’t give it to him in time for the final movie- I’m an ocean away. Chilling in Hawaii, that’s where I am~
I’ve got such a huge list of projects I have to work on. Most of them are thankfully tiny, but I’ve been given another project where I have to guess the pattern- a heartless from Kingdom hearts! :D I’m excited to get to work on this one.

What is this Umineko? + Persona 3!

Two years ago, my friend Jen asked me to make her a Sakutaro. She realized I did not know what Sakutaro was, so she sent me a link. It wasn’t the below picture, but she sent me a picture of an already crocheted one.  I looked up pictures of Sakutaro, and I found several pictures of him in a human form, but not the lion form she wanted! So I used the crocheted picture as a beginning.
Two years later, and I finally started on him. XD I’ve so far only completed his head and body… I need to do just about everything else. It’s hard trying to figure out how to make an amigurumi from just a picture. It’s turning out well, I think. I’m working hard!
Nate introduced me to a new game called “Persona 3”. He let me borrow his PSP (one of his PSPs) and the game, and now I’m playing through it. I love the story, and the voice acting helps lend to the character’s being believable. The most recent event I played through was the 10/4 operation. I’m playing as Minako, FYI, so (SPOILER ALERT) when Shinjiro got shot by Takaya and fell into a coma (/END SPOILER 8D), I’m sitting here saying, “I know he isn’t dead, but this is so bad!” When talking to the others in the dorm, Mitsuru said, “I want to visit him, but the doctors won’t allow visitors. They said his heart could stop at any second.” I sat there and said, “That just made this so much worse. ;_;”
Thanks to playing this game, I’ve been inspired to make two items some characters wear- Minako’s winter scarf, which I can use for my Minako winter cosplay, and Shinjiro’s hat, which I just want. There’s not particular reason for making it besides the fact I want it. XD
I’m excited to cosplay Minako and Mitsuru for the anime convention this year. Nate is cosplaying Minato, so we get two Persona characters. XD Mitsuru’s outfit is very easy… I just need a wig. ^_^;; And for Minako, I need to make her school jacket. I can’t wait until it comes around! Now if only they’d update the site for the con. >.>

Busy busy

Exams are next week, and I said I’d study, but I found out the exams I should be concentrating on the most are the ones whose study guides I do not care to do. Namely, pre-calc. I’ve got a D (69.3%… So close to a C and the safe zone that it makes me cry). I know my dad will give me shit about it once he sees my grades… He expects me to be the perfect straight-A student, and I know I can get A’s in everything but MATH. It just doesn’t click. I’m not a very number oriented person. I’m sure I’ll be fine with every other exam, but I’m worrying the most over precal. My semester grade will definitely be a C…. Two C’s in my high school career.

I’ve definitely been knitting and crocheting more. I’m part of the Harry Potter club at my school, and I said I’d make them an owl, due to the lack of decent owlerys in the area. My current crochet project consists of making baby items for my aunt. :3 She’s going to have a baby next month, and I’m going to have a nephew~ Even though she really isn’t my aunt, I’m still calling her my aunt, her husband my uncle, and her baby my nephew. I WILL DO SO. XD

Winter break!

-does a happy dance-

I’m glad it’s finally winter break. I get to relaaaaaaax. =w= Christmas is in five days, and I’m excited to give my parents their photos that I took during the San Fran trip. I’m also making my mom a Donald Duck, although I’m modifying the original pattern.

I’ve been playing a lot of the Sims 3 lately, and I’m customizing everything for the sake of creating my story world. I’m currently working on the Queen of Heart’s castle, which so far looks like this:

There’s a basement to this, which I plan to turn into a maze, and then a second (and possibly third) story to the house. I’m also going to add ‘towers’, but to tell you the truth, only two people are living in it: The Queen of Hearts and her consort. I was too lazy to make servants. XD It’s going to have a nice backyard and everything~


School has been swamping me with homework. >.< My Japanese teacher is insane, let me say. She’s giving us huge projects with only a week to work on them, and we’re essentially her guinea pigs. She’s giving us projects that she didn’t do with her other school. Hm. I don’t like her teaching style very much.

I’ve got the Katamari almost done, except I need to go buy the magnets and sew everything together. :’D Also working on the elephant for my friend… It’s turning out very well so far. :3 I also got several commissions! Suddenly, they’re falling out of the sky! :O Nate wants a Ravenclaw scarf, and I was like, “YES! Showing off house colors!” Because I, too, am a Ravenclaw, and I love my house. :3 Ashley, a fellow Hetalia fan, wants me to make her an America mochi, so I just need to go find a good reference picture and get around to writing patterns for both America mochi and Sakutaro. I’ve been putting it off for forever, and that’s not healthy.

Working on stuff for my creative writing club, mostly scarves we can sell at Holiday Markt this Thursday~

I’ve been bored as of late, though, so I’ve been downloading stuff for The Sims 3. Time to make my characters come to life and see what they do!

Jessie, away!


This weekend was great! On Wednesday after school, I got to help out at the animal shelter. All the dogs are so adorable, I wish I could take one home! But I already have two, and my mom’s not letting me (read: the family) get anymore. T.T They were so cute! There was a really sweet one named Nena, and she was just the cutest! I wanted to walk her forever, but there were other dogs that needed walking. Brittany fell in love with a long-haired Chihuahua (who had his hair shaved) named Ace. His ears looked like bat ears! He was so adventurous and kept wandering around everywhere! Ah~ I want to go back and help out again!

Thursday was boring. XD But Friday, I got to see The Lion King production at Mandalay Bay. It replaced The Phantom of the Opera as my favorite Vegas production. It replaced it so fast. By the end of the first act, I was like, “LIIIOOOONNNNN KIIIINNNGGGG I LOVE YOU.”

Saturday was nothing special. Went out driving again, got really anxious when my dad told me we were going to learn how to park, and learned that I can’t park for crap. Actually driving around was a lot better than driving in the parking lot, simply because my dad said nothing and I could focus on the road. Same for today, too, except we spent more time parking. I hate parking the car. I can’t do it turning in or backing in. Turning in, I hit imaginary cars. Backing in, I cross the line and still hit imaginary cars.

Still working on NaNo, and I’m where I need to be. I’m still typing to get a head start on tomorrow’s, because I know I will be busy. What makes me happy is that I finally got some time to work on my story that I hope to get published. I’ve been neglecting it for a while, trying to work out characters and plot points and deaths and such.

I’ll hopefully be able to take a picture of my almost finished Katamari soon, and the elephant whose body is almost finished.

Four day weekend!

Where I live, anyway. I’m super happy because I get to sleep in. :D

Now, I need to work on my commissions. Three scarves (where the yarn is being supplied) and an elephant. XD I’ve never made an elephant before, but it looks like it’d be fun. I kind of want to make a big pink elephant based off of the flying pink elephant from the video game LSD. It’s not what you think, I promise.

Now, off to do some NaNo-ing and pattern organization!


I consider this a milestone for myself. After months of being unable to take requests, I’m back to doing it. This time around, I have to ask them to pay me a little, because I can’t keep buying yarn for projects then realize I’m slowly killing my wallet. It won’t be ridiculously expensive, but reasonably priced, depending on the item they want made. I’m fine with crochet or knitting, so it’s all good!

My best friend, Brittany, wants a normal scarf with a fox head on one end and a tail on the other. That could cost her a little bit, simply because of the head and tail. >.w< That’s why this makes sense to me. XD

But yes. o3o I’m excited to going back to doing requests. Woooo~ I feel good

Magnetic Katamari

I found this pattern a while ago and wanted to make one for my locker so I could have color in it. My school is sixty years old! It’s an old school! I’m making one in purple, light blue, and perhaps yellow or orange. I’m still deciding on the third color.

The pattern can be found here.

I’ll post the results when it’s complete!

Derp derp

Here I am! This is Jess!

Tensai is the Japanese word for ‘genius’, when it’s written like this: 天才.

I’m a writing nerd who’s trying to survive NaNoWriMo again this year. Why am I doing it? Because it’s fun and helps me write stories I’d never get around to writing otherwise. Clearly, I’m procrastinating now. I’m 200 words shy of today’s goal of roughly 3,330 words. :3 I can type pretty fast, so those will be gone in no time!

I love to write, and although I won’t share what I write, I’ll talk about ideas every once in a wile. I’m also an avid reader, so I’ll be talking about books, too!

And I love to crochet, so I’ll be posting what I’m working on here, with a link to the original pattern. I’ll probably come up with my own eventually (eventually being whenever the heck I feel like it). But I work with mostly amigurumi. Very rarely do I do something that I can wear. I end up not liking it, so I tend not to do those. But blankets and scarves I like doing.