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Winter break!

-does a happy dance-

I’m glad it’s finally winter break. I get to relaaaaaaax. =w= Christmas is in five days, and I’m excited to give my parents their photos that I took during the San Fran trip. I’m also making my mom a Donald Duck, although I’m modifying the original pattern.

I’ve been playing a lot of the Sims 3 lately, and I’m customizing everything for the sake of creating my story world. I’m currently working on the Queen of Heart’s castle, which so far looks like this:

There’s a basement to this, which I plan to turn into a maze, and then a second (and possibly third) story to the house. I’m also going to add ‘towers’, but to tell you the truth, only two people are living in it: The Queen of Hearts and her consort. I was too lazy to make servants. XD It’s going to have a nice backyard and everything~