Back (for good?)

I have had a rough semester. It’s the reason I ended up dropping the blog, ended up withdrawing from a lot of my social activities, and a lot of my hobbies so I could focus on school and my two jobs. It’s summer now, which means FREE TIME! I may go back to Musings Monday, WIP Wednesday, and Finished/Photography Fridays if possible.

Musings Monday is most likely going to end up turning into “let’s document my attempts to pick up new hobbies!”  Currently I’m trying to learn how to code HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Who knows, I may get good enough to redesign my blogger (so if it goes wonky one day, you’ll know why). And maybe get hired by a company! Total sarcasm. I don’t think I’ll be able to get that good enough.

I’m also trying to start up my own store so I can make some extra money, and I’m also co-blogger of a travel tumblr blog. My friend and I are doing it for funsies, mostly. we shall see! Summer should be good to me, especially since I am going home frequently, working, and traveling abroad.


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