When is it Okay to Tell Someone to Stop Being Too Much of Something?

It’s been a bad week for me. On Wednesday, after having a long day, I found out a good friend got fired from his job. He was, truthfully, one of the few people whose company I genuinely enjoyed at this job, with its long nights and hardships. He said that essentially it summed up to him being “too trusting” of people. Like that’s a bad thing? So after this, trying to console our good friend about this friend being fired, and a sexist remark from another mutual friend that left me fuming, I went to bed early instead of trying to study.

Then Thursday, my supervisor made a remark about the events of Wednesday night about how she would’ve just gone back to her room instead of trying to help this friend through the news. My jaw almost dropped. I had to serve two roles Wednesday night almost simultaneously. Not only is that going against what my job description is, that is rude and disrespectful as a friend. So I ended up being mad at my supervisor. I’m still mad at her. I went back to my room so I could focus on studying for a test on Tuesday when I came across two of my co-workers in the hall. They asked me to swipe them into the key room so that one of them could get back into her room because she forgot her keys. So I did, and asked the one who didn’t forget her keys, “Why didn’t you just go back to your room? It’s right down the hall.”

“Oh, you happened to be coming down the hall so I decided to ask you!” she replied. I sighed and rolled my eyes. The next thing she said touched a nerve, especially in light of the previous night’s events.

“You’re too reliable. You should stop so people don’t keep asking you for things.”

I didn’t really reply back. Gave a noncommittal response that may have been a small laugh before going upstairs to where I live. It really bothered me, that remark. I like to think one of my good points is being reliable. It’s something I’m both proud and angry of being, but I’m more proud than anything. So that remark felt like a personal attack. It came too close to my friend being “too trusting.”

Since when is being “too much” of something a bad thing?


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