College Bucket List

One of my friends in from my floor last year created a “college bucket list” club, or something similar. This got me started on what I wanted to do before I graduate college. The first year, I had no aspirations of doing much besides surviving. But now, I want to do things. I want to know what Utah and life has to offer me, a college student looking for where she belongs in the world.

Here’s my college bucket list + the reasons.

1. Go rafting. I’ve had two people in the past month say they’ve gone rafting were going to go but work got in the way. And it sounds like a fun thing to do. Plus, who doesn’t want to raft down a cold river in the middle of summer with a bunch of friends (and likely get a tan?).

2. Go kayaking. Same reasons as above. Different friends, but people have said it. I think it’d be a whole lot of fun. MORE WATER. Also, with friends, in summer.

3. Swim in a lake. This is on my actual bucket list too. I want to jump into a lake and just swim around in it. Not like Lake Mead. Lake Mead is nasty. Nah, I want a nice lake. And it’s more reasons for me not to wear my one-piece swimsuit. That’s why I haven’t gone swimsuit shopping in forever for a new bikini. I don’t ever use one and I want an excuse to use one.

4. Road trip with friends. To the beach. BECAUSE WHO DOESN’T LOVE THE BEACH?! Also: it’s probably way nicer to be on the beach in California than up in the mountains in Utah.

This is actually Myrtle Beach in SC. Whatever. It’s a beach.

5. Road trip with friends. To wherever. I just want to road trip with friends. Throw all our crap into a car and drive wherever strikes our fancy. I kinda want to go north. Probably Seattle or Portland or someplace. So northwest? Anyway. Road. Trip. Anywhere.

5. Attend concerts. Salt Lake’s small, but it’s got good concerts. Maybe I’ll attend more now that I live here. Only problem? Car. I don’t have one.

6. Visit Japan on a study abroad/internship. I’m going through some hardcore nostalgia. I just want to go back to Japan by any means necessary. Study abroad, internship, living with my grandmother, you name it. I will take any way to get back there.

7. Learn how to dance. Okay, so this was a goal of mine at the beginning of summer. That, be more social, and speak Japanese more. It’s still a goal. I signed up for a modern dance class for the fall and I think I’ll take a ballet class in the spring (and one of my friends may take it with me!). If I like either enough, I’ll keep going with it.

8. Improve my times in swimming. Right now, my times for a 50yd free is about 40 seconds and about 1:30 for 100yds. I know I can swim about 600yds in 10-11 minutes. I want my 50yd to go down to about 30 and my 100 to maybe 1:00 or 1:10. I also want to swim a faster breaststroke.

9. Be social. And by this, I mean navigate social situations appropriately. Not feel awkward when I first meet people.

10. Work on strengthening my friendships. I have more friends than I did in high school, which is a success. But I want to be able to concentrate on keeping the high school friendships I had and on strengthening the ones I made in college. That’ll be kinda difficult because everyone will be so busy in the fall, so the likelihood of me seeing them often is low. But that’s what facebook is for, right? Sending messages to people, asking how they’ve been? …Just got to get over my fear of messaging people on facebook.

11. Drive to Moab and do something fun there. Like a hike. I hear Moab is a beautiful place and I really, really want to go. I’d likely go for hiking, but there’s kayaking too, so that’s also an option.

12. Climb Lisa Falls again WITHOUT panicking. I climbed Lisa Falls earlier this summer with a bunch of friends. The places I got hit the worst still have marks. The reason I panicked? I’m bad with heights and I was not expecting bouldering. Next time, though, I know what to look out for and I’ll swallow my fear of heights to go. That was gorgeous.

13. Play zombie tag dressed as a survivor or a zombie. I’ve played the university’s zombie tag both times. The first time I stopped playing halfway through because I skinned my leg and my elbow. Also: knee brace was present. Fantastic. The second time, I became a zombie. That was the day I decided to dress up because why not. It’s fun to dress up. I want others to do this with me. It’d be so fun to have a group of friends go all L4D or something at a game.


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