Thrift Shopping

I went to the local thrift store today for a few little things for a photography assignment. I did find several cute little teacups and a nice mug with my favorite tea on it. What is that, you ask? Chamomile! I also found several little knick-knacks which I could drop in club soda. That was fun.

I walked past the clothing section on my way to the back and saw a jacket that looks very similar to the one that’s worn by Hatter in Syfy’s Alice. The material was wrong, but everything else looked just about perfect. After I got my cups and knick-knacks, I saw for at least twenty minutes debating whether or not to get it. I also tried on several shirts that were similar to Hatter’s. As time ran out (I had class in an hour and a half), I caved and got it. Why? Because when am I ever going to find something like that again?! It was an amazing find!

The dude on the right. Obviously.
Eventually I plan to dress up as Alice (the girl on the left) as well. Nate and I are going to do this because he happens to look a lot like the Hatter and if I grow my hair out and straighten it I look a little like Alice. A little. I look too Asian to be exact.

Moral of the story: go thrift store shopping if you want to dress up as characters. You never know what you’ll find.


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