My planner that I’ve been using for the past year runs out this week. Most of the planners I’ve found (and liked) don’t start until August. So, basically, I’m stuck using a little notebook as my planner. Not that I’m complaining. I got the chance to split everything into four sections and now everything’s neatly organized. Well, as neatly organized as it can be. There’s still quite a bit of mess in there.

I’ve got a neat little thing to help me figure out which credits I still need to take to graduate. Let me tell you, that was frustrating because I had to look up classes and figure out what sounded interesting and what didn’t. I’m still hoping to take the classes that’ll help me teach ESL, but if that doesn’t work, I’m not crushed. I can still take sociolinguistics, which is awesome. I cannot say the same for my Japanese major, though. The classes I do want to take haven’t been listed in the past two years. Which upsets me because they say, “You can take classes from this list!” but only two of them are actually up there. What the heck, school. What. The. Heck.

And in addition to all of this, I finally created a facebook page for my shop. I didn’t tell you I had a shop? Here it is! I created the facebook page to take commissions, too. Any kind of commission is going to help me at this point. I really, really need commissions. Basically, I need money. I’m starting to develop an interest in too many things and my income is not supporting it. Especially since two of them (a 3DS and a camera) do not come cheap. I have a rule where I don’t buy a new game system until my old one is completely trashed and inoperable, but I haven’t touched my DS Lite in forever. Yeah, I’m that far behind in the DS systems. The 3DS I’m eyeing, though, is a steal. I’m tempted to alert the person and tell them I’ll take it, but they have to mail it to me. I’m also 100% willing to pay for shipping because that person lives past Provo and I don’t have a car. The camera is my roommate’s. I’m probably also going to buy all the accessories she has with it, if that’s included. I just have to see what she has. I know for a fact I want the lenses.

I also created another blog for my hobbies! So this blog will exclusively be for my thoughts and little updates. The other blog is called Penumbra. There isn’t much on there, but it’ll come together and highlight my artsy pursuits.


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