Ultimate Casual Frisbee- HARDCORE MODE

That’s become my favorite phrase. “HARDCORE MODE.” I end up using it a lot in my let’s plays, and I’ve caught myself using it multiple times in real life, too. Oops.

Well, I played Ultimate Frisbee again today. We decided to have a night game, and it ended up raining. Apparently, that’s not “horrible weather.” And it really wasn’t. It rained a bit, but nothing too bad. Except I ended up being near blind. Playing with water on my glasses seriously inhibited my ability to see any kind of light clearly, especially on something as tiny as a frisbee. I took my glasses off and made it HARDCORE MODE for me. Basically, I could only see what team someone was on when I got extremely close to them. That resulted in me running. A lot. Apparently, I do not have horrible cardio, which is a surprise to me. I just can’t do running straight the entire time.

Also, I am intimidating, so says some of the guys. This one big Polynesian guy, after throwing the disk, said, “Would anyone believe me if I said she scared me?”, referring to me. And my friend Jonathan kept telling me to stop defending him because I made him nervous. I am apparently a really good defender too. I asked one of the guys on the blue team if I was intimidating. He said, “No, not at all. When you’re on the same team.”

Good sign, good sign.

Because we were playing in the dark, we were using glow sticks. There was a pink team and a blue team. I am not ashamed to admit I kept thinking of Red vs Blue, the series by RoosterTeeth, but most of the “characters” were on wrong teams. The only one even remotely accurate would be that the Caboose-like kid was on the blue team.


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