Yesterday, I got my lifeguard certification, and I’m super excited to have that. I might also have a lifeguard job sometime soon, because my instructor approached me and said that if I’m interested we can talk. This takes a load off of my shoulders, because I need a job. Desperately. For summer. I’d rather just focus on my studies and explore, but I need a job. A friend of mine who is a lifeguard at the facility I may work at said it’s a pretty safe place. They had to perform one rescue in eight months, and that was because the woman couldn’t handle it, despite the fact there were lane lines extremely close on either side of her. I guess that means I don’t have to be too worried about performing a deep submerged rescue.

I’m not feeling quite my usual self right now, so this is a quick update. I can be a lifeguard and I may be a lifeguard. Yay, me!

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