Beach Volleyball

Sorry for not posting in a while (aside from school assignments!). School’s been kicking my butt, and I’ve been trying to catch up on all my school work so I don’t feel stressed. Kind of successful, I’d say. But I’m sure you don’t want to hear me talk about school. Oh, no. I have something better to talk about.

Namely, Easter weekend.

I went over to my friend Maia’s house because she and her family dye eggs and hide it for the little kids who are family friends. That was super fun. The two-year-old was especially cute. For dinner, we had a seriously Japanese dinner of tonkatsu and shredded cabbage, but there was also macaroni salad (super delicious) and deviled eggs. Maia and I ate a ton of eggs, then ate some candy. We really love our deviled eggs. I got to help make them! I also learned something: I suck at peeling eggs. I don’t know how everyone does it, but it’s hard.

On Sunday, Maia really wanted to play volleyball and asked a friend of hers to check if Outdoor Rec had their nets up. They were, and so Maia and I drove to the University to play. We got some friends to come play. I suck at serving with my right hand, but I’m decent with my left. Funny, because I’m not left-handed. I’m a right-handed person. I got some cool action shots of Maia and Narumi playing against two Chinese guys who asked if they could join in. Those two are like a super duo or something. They played really well. They’re both good at volleyball. We decided to make this a weekly thing, where Maia comes to the campus to play volleyball. I’ve decided to join her. Volleyball is the first sport I actually like where running is involved. Some running, anyway. I’m a swimmer, and that doesn’t require running at all.

My body is so sore, but it’s gratifying. Isn’t that odd? I think once you find something you like, the pain-in-the-butt soreness becomes something better. So I think I’ll keep playing volleyball and keep swimming. Both of those are sports I enjoy rather immensely. …Wait until I tell my mom I’m getting into volleyball. She really loves volleyball and would really love that I’m playing it.


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