I promise that Wednesday I will talk about my vegetarian diet. Promise. I may have a new (vegetarian!) recipe to share! Your waiting will not be in vain. I think Wednesday I’ll talk about a cupcake pattern I tried out today, share the frosting I used for that (I had to adapt the one given to me), and possibly share a recipe using tofurky. I went to Trader Joe’s and bought myself some to make spaghetti, you see. While I was at Trader Joe’s, I had a bit of an epiphany. I don’t miss meat. Not as much as I thought I would. I do, however, miss seafood. I wanted to pick up some salmon while at TJ, but I didn’t because that fish would just sit in my freezer for a few weeks. Oh, well.

“But what’s this progress you mention in your title?” you ask. I’m getting there! Just went on a bit of a tangent, that’s all. My progress is actually related to my crochet/knit projects! Did you expect differently? I’ve got a few finished projects. One has been finished since the beginning of January, the others finished only recently. Here we are:
The Triumph Cable Scarf from Smariek Knits
I churned this one out in about nine days. I started on January 9th, finished January 14th. I honestly thought it would take longer because of the cables… But it didn’t! This is a beautiful pattern for the scarf. It’s a part of Smariek’s series of cable scarves. I recommend checking out the rest of the series. The scarves are absolutely gorgeous.
Dog Blanket
One of the two blankets I made for my dogs. The blankets were stashbusting projects, in truth. It works, though! Acrylic yarn is best for my dogs, because Joey occasionally throws up while in his cage. It needs to be something that is easy to wash, yet look attractive at the same time. I have to figure out which blanket to give to which dog… The star blanket didn’t turn out quite as large as I’d hoped and this blanket can work for either dog. We’ll see!
This took a little while to make because it was initially only worked on while I was riding the bus to volunteer work and during periods where it would be impossible for me to bring a larger project. Towards the end, I powered through this. I used Caron Simply Soft, and I’m extremely fond of the colors. It was very simple and enjoyable to make.


I need to get more yarn for this project, but I got all of this from three balls of Red Heart Simply Soft. My gauge isn’t quite right, so I found, much to my shock, I’m making a size large using the size medium instructions. Note to self: If using the same hooks, work the pattern smaller to get the correct size.


Another cute triangle scarf pattern by Caitlin ffrench! According to her, ‘Same as Seven’ is the same as ‘Seven and Zero’, minus the holes. I wanted to make this one because it looks a little more feminine, and I needed another stashbusting project. I’m a huge fan of the blue/white of this scarf.
Donald Duck Blanket


This is my mom’s birthday blanket! I alluded to this before, remember? Well, I’m almost done with the second ‘oh boy’. I’m hoping this will be finished by my mom’s birthday. You can see the slight differences in color at the top… this is because I thought all the light blue I had would be similar. Dye lots are extremely important. I don’t particular;y care because it gives this blanket a little quirk. I ended up using the baggies to hold tiny balls of yarn because that got tangled, fast. I had a huge pile of yarn while trying to do the color work at first. I became frustrated and started using the baggies instead. It works like a charm.
There is my progress for the week!

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