I’m back!

I went MIA for the past week because school is handing me this massive amounts of homework, which I’m responding to with an “I don’t care!” That’s not the best way to respond, children. Go study.

I finished up a paper for one class and have to work on a presentation for another, in addition to massive amounts of reading from a few other classes. Seventeen credit hours… I’m crazy. I know this. Add my volunteer work (approx. 5 hours a day, twice a week) and social obligations, and I’ve been swamped. However, I’ve almost caught up with my work! …Maybe ‘caught up’ isn’t the best term, because I was never behind to begin with. The more appropriate term would be ‘almost finished.’ Especially since I’m  knocking out big projects that have been stressing me out.

To deal with the stress and make myself happy again, I’ve been crocheting. What else would I be doing? Cooking? Yeah, that’s not until next Tuesday. I get to make cookies for Nate and send him those, plus another little surprise, for Valentine’s Day! No buying chocolate for me! Not until all the chocolate is on sale and I can buy boxes of it to enjoy. But I digress! I’ve been crocheting away on projects, and I’ve finished two! Both of them are the blankets for my dogs (mentioned here). I finished the striped blanket an hour ago. I don’t have pictures of it as a result. I do have pictures of the star blanket, though.

Caution: staring at the yarn may hurt your eyes.
Now my problem is giving what blanket to which dog! They’re both large enough for Chester and likely durable enough to be used in Joey’s cage… I guess I’ll find out when I go home in March!
I’m very excited to go home in March. It’ll be a month away as of Friday. I’m so ready for school to be over. Every student is echoing my sentiments in one way or another.



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