Steadily crafting away

I’ve been way busy with homework recently, but in the midst of things, I’ve found time to start on some new projects. I think it’s more interesting to work on several projects at once than to do one project and finish, then do another and finish, and so on. It keeps me entertained. Admittedly, I haven’t been working on the projects much… It’s just a stitch here or there, in between screen pages loading and copying down notes. But I’ve got four very nice projects going on.

One is for myself, called the Penny Arcade jacket from Vickie Howell. I am in love with the stitches and I’m making it in a dark green color. It’ll look great when it’s finished!
The second is a Donald Duck blanket for my mother. I adapted a sweater chart and turned it into a blanket. My mom will love it, I have no doubt. Her love for Donald Duck knows no bounds.
I am making the Chromium Star Blanket and the Striped Blanket for my two dogs, Chester and Joey. Chester’s star blanket is being made from two yarns, a bulky brown and a bulky blue-brown-white striped. Joey’s is dark blue with dark blue camo additions. It’s for the dogs when they’re chilling on the couch at home (or in Joey’s case, in his cage). The last two are more stash busters than anything, but the colors work perfectly. My dogs get nothing but the best.
In addition to all of those, I’m making a nice scarf. It’s going to be a project I bring with me on the bus when I go do my volunteering. It’s small enough for me to bring without bothering anyone and interesting enough to keep my attention. I got about six inches done on the bus today. It looks pretty. I really love the yarn I used for it. I’ve made another scarf like it in a light blue, and that came out gorgeous.
That’s my crafting update! Have a good weekend, dear readers.

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