Crochet food

I’m going to talk a bit about crochet food. I found an adorable little book called “Amiami Restaurant’ by Mitsuki Hoshi about two years ago during a trip to California. My family makes a point to stop by the Marukai, and there’s a bookstore right next to it. I always go in and look for Japanese crochet or knit books, because I like looking at the things they make. Well, I picked this one up and brought it back. I had the opportunity to use it for a school thing where I made crochet sushi. They are adorable!

Sushi isn’t the only thing in this book, though. There’s ramen, oden, hamburgers, and all sorts of yummy creations. I was once asked to make a hamburger steak for my mom’s friend restaurant. It looks delicious! Makes me want to eat the actual thing.
If you haven’t already, explore crochet food. Maybe a little one in your life (or gourmet friends!) would love to have one. There are plenty of free patterns out there for all sorts of food. Go make some (non-edible) food!
(You can find Amiami Restaurant here. I did a quick search, but there may be a cheaper option somewhere else. I do encourage you to do some searching!)

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