Happy New Years, everyone!

It is now 2013, and it’s started off very nicely. I’m glad to be where I am today, with the friends I do have, my family fine, and another great year at my University. I’m prepared for what life may throw at me. I have a few resolutions, and I’ll write them down. This will be a useful blast to the past come December 31, 2013 when the next New Years is upon us!

  1. Write my own crochet/knitting pattern.
  2. Open up an etsy shop or something similar.
  3. Stay in shape- go to the pool/gym/do dorm room exercises at least three times a week.
  4. Read at least twenty books (maybe I’ll do book reviews!)
  5. Finish my story and edit it.
These five are fairly important to me. There are the resolutions involving school (AKA getting above a 3.7 GPA/straight A’s), but I’ve decided not to make those to free myself from more disappointment.
I wish you all luck and happiness in the New Years!

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