Happy birthday!

Today was Nate’s birthday. It was a lovely day spent watching the Doctor Who Christmas episode, playing Majora’s Mask, eating dinner with his family, and playing Apples to Apples with people who actually have a sense of humor similar to mine.  My family tends to be more realistic. He absolutely loves his gift, a Legend of Zelda scarf from this website. I found it on Ravelry in English. Go check it out!

Speaking of Ravelry, I’ve added four new projects to work on. They’re all blankets because I am in a blanket making mood. Two of them are Portal blankets, one for me, one for Nate. The inspiration is this:

He gets the orange one and I get the blue one. It works out just fine. We both get the colors we want!
The next blanket is for my mother on her birthday. She loves Donald Duck, so for her, I’m creating the Donald Duck blanket. I figured the catchphrase “oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!” worked much better with this image of Donald than “What’s the big idea?” or the angry noises that my mom and I think look something like this: “#!?” And he looks happy! I’m sure she’ll love this blanket.
The fourth blanket is for my dad. He loves his Florida Gators. He graduated from the University of Florida, so I figured why not make him a Gators blanket? I used a pixel logo I found on deviantart and made some serious changes to it to make the gator look more realistic. I grew up a Gators fan. That logo looking accurate is insanely important to me partially because of that reason.



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