Finally home!

I came home to Vegas on the 15th. I had a friend from college stay at my house for the first five days of winter break, and she wanted to go see the Bellagio fountain. So we went to eat at Mon Ami Gabi across the street and got to see the Bellagio fountain that way. Three times. It was pretty cool! But I’d honestly forgotten how bright Vegas is.

My friend left on the 19th. I’ve really been enjoying my vacation so far. Up until two days ago, it’s been a mad rush to finish presents. I finished my aunt’s hat and found out she wants a scarf to go with it! I chose Smariek’s Triumph Cable Scarf to go with the hat. It works perfectly with the hat, and my aunt will really enjoy it, I think. Then, two days ago, I finished Nate’s scarf. He gets it on his birthday in approximately four days. He’ll love it. It’s six and a half feet long (easily), and he loves long scarves. I think of the three scarves I’ve made him so far, two of them have been double knit. This is (probably) the best one so far, because I’m combining his love for scarves and his love for Legend of Zelda. I’m rather fond of the pattern, to tell you the truth. It’s pretty!
My aunt’s hat!

No picture for the scarf yet because Nate does read this and I’m not spoiling it. 
Now I’m finishing a friend’s commission. She wanted a shark and gave me the pattern for it. That pattern challenged me by using all sorts of techniques I never thought of using. It looks fine, though! I’m also working on a blanket with the Portal guy on it. I’m only working on the orange portal because I only have one hook of the size I need. It’ll be cool when it’s finished!

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