A completed present!

I finished my dad’s blanket on Sunday afternoon. Greatest accomplishment of the weekend. It is ultimately sized at 4’3″ x approx. 7′. It’s approximately 7 feet because I got just under seven feet, seven feet exactly, and just above seven feet the three times I measured it. I’m just going to average it and go with it’s 7 feet. It’s really warm and quite comfortable. It was such a blast to make.

In order to get the whole blanket, I had to put this on the living room floor and run up to the second floor. I couldn’t take a picture from the top of my bed to my bedroom floor. Nope. Second floor down to the living room floor.
The top and bottom edging of the blanket. It’s a reverse single crochet and chain 1, skipping every other dc. It has a nice, sophisticated look to it.
Edging on the left and right sides of the blanket. Done while crocheting, so there was no extra effort! It’s great. I love the little loops.
I sat next to the TV to take this picture. It looks huge, doesn’t it? I’m really proud of it. I think my dad will like it.

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