Progress on Christmas Presents

I measured my dad’s blanket yesterday and found out I have 16.5 inches left of the blanket. When I found out, I thought, “HALLELUJAH.” I’m almost done with the fourth pattern repeat of Nate’s scarf.

I’m starting to feel the crunch for making presents. I’m going to be working on it almost nonstop for the next week or so because I have no finals. I anticipate a few trips to the library to work on the scarf with a peaceful mind and plenty of episodes of Cake Boss to finish the blanket. I WILL get these presents done.

Then I get to start on a hat for my aunt. She was supposed to go through radiation treatment, but the hospital or something called and said she couldn’t do it because of her oxygen levels or something. I’m still making her that hat. I want to cheer up my aunt. She’s going through a hard time with her sickness and she’s my favorite aunt (I feel like I’m not supposed to pick favorites among family, but she’s the best). I’ll be making her this hat in Caron’s Simply Soft “Forest” colorway. I think I’ll make a medium hat for a safe bet. She wanted to stand out in a crowd, but not too much. This hat will accomplish it for her. I showed my dad several patterns and colors (she’s his sister, after all), and he went right for that hat in the forest color. I can’t wait to start on it.


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