Christmas Party!

My RA decided to throw a holiday party today. It starts in about an hour, and I’m waiting for the friend I invited to get here. She texted me that she’d be here at 6. I’ve got to text her after this post.
For the holiday party, there’s going to be a white elephant game being played. It had to be between $5-$10. I’m anticipating getting a gag gift… My hopes aren’t too high for a roomful of college students. I, however, can give handmade gifts, and a handmade gift it is!
I made the Brain Waves Beanie from Liz McQueen. It was quick and only took a day of doing absolutely nothing and watching Cake Boss to make this guy. I elongated the pattern because I like a little slouch. It’s red, white, and black, the colors of my university. I wasn’t thinking, “Hey, these colors are the university’s colors!” At all. Seriously. But it worked out perfectly!
I’ve got a little turret from the Portal series (anyone play that?) modelling my hat. His name is Mrs. Nesbitt, and he had a change of heart. No longer will he shoot whenever something moves. Mrs. Nesbitt models hats now! It’s fashionable, didn’t you know?
I don’t hate you…
I ended up wrapping the hat in newspaper. I get free newspapers in the dorms, so I’m dubbing newspapers “college kid wrapping paper” because it’s so inexpensive!
Go make this beanie! It’ll look super nice.

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