Christmas Presents

As usual, I’m making my family Christmas presents. I recently finish a pair of gloves for Ricky. I’ve only got my dad’s blanket and Nate’s scarf to go. Take a look at the things I’ve been making:

My dad’s striped afghan pattern comes from a book called 1-2-3 Crochet. I’ve adapted it to be about 4 ft wide and 7 feet long. I don’t know why my dad wants it that long… But it’s very warm. I’ve always liked making blankets because once it gets to a certain length, it keeps me warm.
Johnny’s beanie. The green is darker in reality. It does not look that… washed out. This comes from a pattern called the Doctor Who Slouchy Beanie, but I can’t find the website I got it off of. I found it through ravelry, but now it’s not showing up.
This comes from a book called Modern Top-Down Knitting by Kristina McGowan. The skirt does do a very obvious color change… But I think it looks nice in person because it gives this dress some character! I have yet to block it (as seen by the markers holding the ends together so it doesn’t go all wavy). I hope it fits.
Ricky’s water gloves from the Cigar pattern. He really only wants a pair of fingerless gloves, so I changed the last two fingers to make them fingerless. The water drop is off center. I’m fixing that when I write up how I did this. But Ricky isn’t a perfectionist. His only request was that if one was off center, the other had to be, too. I could do that.
Finally, Nate’s scarf from the Twilight Princess scarf pattern. I was going through ravelry and found this. His gasp of joy decided it. I would make him this scarf. And so now I am! I’ve just finished the third pattern repeat. Four more to go! This isn’t a Christmas present. It’s Nate’s birthday present. He already got his Christmas present.

Handmade Christmas gifts are always the best. I love making them!


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