Cake Pops!

Yesterday was Mariko’s birthday, and I decided to give cake pops a try. After some extensive research, I decided I knew what to do.

I was so, so wrong.

One out of every three cake pops fell apart. I burned the chocolate in the microwave (I think the microwave is having an identity crisis). And there was just too much cake mix for me to make everything into cake pops.

These came out pretty, though.
I’ve decided I’m never doing cake pops again unless I’ve got help, a double boiler, or one of those cake pop makers. I’m admitting defeat with that last admission. I really want to make cake pops by hand, but this just takes too long and it’s too messy. It irritated me towards the end. There were four boxes of cake mix Mariko picked out and I only made one and a half. The rest became pre-cake pop cake that I’ve invited people to eat. Everyone loves those, which is great.
And the cake pops (that came out well) taste good. A friend of Susanna’s said they were the best cake pops she’s ever had. Surprising, considering I had no idea what I was doing. Still, I’m glad some people like my cake pops. I may try again when I have considerably more patience (and less cake mix).



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