Thinking about my future again

For my City as Text class, we went on a walk around the Normandie Heights AKA Harvard Yale neighborhood. My group decided to go back there after the Miller Bird Refuge excursion because we really loved the houses around it. My reason for going back was to look at the houses. In another post, I posted some pictures of the houses in the general area. Brick houses are something I’m fond of. New England brick houses are even better. I found some spectacular looking houses.

Looking at these houses got me thinking about my future again. I’m usually not one to fantasize about my future in too much detail because I’d rather not be disappointed when my future does happen and it’s not what I imagined. But this neighborhood… It’s someplace I’d like to live. Maybe not right away, but it’s something to work up to. I see my future going a little bit like I’m living in an apartment initially, because that’s all I can afford. Work, pay rent, and be happy in my own little apartment. Someone moves in with me, helps pay for rent, and we exist peacefully in that little apartment. Then I get married. I probably won’t move from apartment dwellings right away. But then future husband and I get dogs. A Corgi and a Golden Retriever, and we need our own house with a backyard and plenty of running space for the dogs. I can start to garden. I’ve always wanted to garden. Grow my own and eat fresh veggies. Anyway, start off in a small house. Or maybe I’ll get one of those big houses right away, so then I won’t have to move and leave my garden behind. And when I have kids, we’ll live in a nice house already.

I’ve spent more and more time recently thinking about my future. And I don’t mind this at all. It makes me feel more secure. Makes me feel like I have something to look forward to. Best thing? I do.


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