Halloween Party!

The HSAC decided to throw a Halloween party (it’s not Halloween, but whatever floats their boat). There was a pie eating contest and a costume contest. I won third place as Belle. I’m embarrassed to admit that I forgot bits of that songs despite it being from my favorite Disney movie, but I remembered about 95%, so that works. Second place was Schrodinger’s Cat, and first place was Neo. The Neo guy was pretty cool. Stayed in character the whole time. One of the guys in the building dressed up as Slenderman. I honestly wanted to give this guy a high-five. I think I’m missing the scare factor of Slenderman. 

Because Slenderman and Neo dancing to Gangnam style is the best thing that cane happen.

One of the girls who attended the party carved the direwolf of House Stark into a pumpkin. It was awesome and woke up the inner Game of Thrones fangirl in me. House Stark is my house, guys!

And on the other side: “Winter is Coming”

I happened to catch this picture of the sunset. I love the colors the sunset produces. It’s the prettiest color scheme I’ve ever seen, and I’m rather fond of the intense reds that show up. This picture caught a lot of the yellows and made it brighter, which was odd. But this is pretty nonetheless.


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