Go Utes!

My friend is somewhere down there in the band…

We beat UC Berkley, 47-29. Very satisfying game, and the first PAC-12 game we’ve won this season. It was important (at least to me), considering how we’ve lost all the PAC-12 games thus far. It was really cold though, and because we’re smart, a friend and I brought blankets to huddle in during half-time and whenever we sat down. The third friend never brings a blanket, and just took from us. Somehow, we stayed the whole game instead of leaving at the start of the 4th quarter, because Cal scored almost immediately in the 4th quarter and we were worried. But in the end, we won, and that’s what counts.

With seven seconds left in the 4th. Cal gave up at twenty seconds.

I’m surprised I made it to free food at the tailgate. Mariko (the one with no blanket) did laundry and we didn’t leave until 6:30 or something. By the time we got there, the burgers were lukewarm, but they were food and I accepted it. Anything to avoid having to pay $6 for a burger in the stadium.


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