Nightmare on 13th

Today, a group of friends and I went to Nightmare on 13th, a haunted house on 1300 S and (I think) 300 E. It was super fun! Except I don’t scare easily, so I ended up being ‘protector’ to the ones who were easily scared.

Nightmare on 13th was very entertaining, and much better than Las Vegas’ Fright Dome. Admittedly, both of them relied on jump-scares, but the Nightmare actors were much more well hidden, so it was more difficult to see them. In addition, they employed all sorts of lighting and different techniques to provide scares. One of the places had a red light, and it was impossible to see the sides of the room. Hidden at the sides were actors who went up and down, only to pop out at random places to scare the person. Then there were mazes, with actors in the mazes who would scare people if they came by. It was really, really, good. Fright Dome used strobe lights as their main scare factor, but all it succeeded in doing (for me) was giving me an eyeache and headache.
Overall, it was enjoyable haunted house! Much better than Fright Dome. I enjoyed it very much.

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