Busy busy

Exams are next week, and I said I’d study, but I found out the exams I should be concentrating on the most are the ones whose study guides I do not care to do. Namely, pre-calc. I’ve got a D (69.3%… So close to a C and the safe zone that it makes me cry). I know my dad will give me shit about it once he sees my grades… He expects me to be the perfect straight-A student, and I know I can get A’s in everything but MATH. It just doesn’t click. I’m not a very number oriented person. I’m sure I’ll be fine with every other exam, but I’m worrying the most over precal. My semester grade will definitely be a C…. Two C’s in my high school career.

I’ve definitely been knitting and crocheting more. I’m part of the Harry Potter club at my school, and I said I’d make them an owl, due to the lack of decent owlerys in the area. My current crochet project consists of making baby items for my aunt. :3 She’s going to have a baby next month, and I’m going to have a nephew~ Even though she really isn’t my aunt, I’m still calling her my aunt, her husband my uncle, and her baby my nephew. I WILL DO SO. XD


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