School has been swamping me with homework. >.< My Japanese teacher is insane, let me say. She’s giving us huge projects with only a week to work on them, and we’re essentially her guinea pigs. She’s giving us projects that she didn’t do with her other school. Hm. I don’t like her teaching style very much.

I’ve got the Katamari almost done, except I need to go buy the magnets and sew everything together. :’D Also working on the elephant for my friend… It’s turning out very well so far. :3 I also got several commissions! Suddenly, they’re falling out of the sky! :O Nate wants a Ravenclaw scarf, and I was like, “YES! Showing off house colors!” Because I, too, am a Ravenclaw, and I love my house. :3 Ashley, a fellow Hetalia fan, wants me to make her an America mochi, so I just need to go find a good reference picture and get around to writing patterns for both America mochi and Sakutaro. I’ve been putting it off for forever, and that’s not healthy.

Working on stuff for my creative writing club, mostly scarves we can sell at Holiday Markt this Thursday~

I’ve been bored as of late, though, so I’ve been downloading stuff for The Sims 3. Time to make my characters come to life and see what they do!

Jessie, away!


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