This weekend was great! On Wednesday after school, I got to help out at the animal shelter. All the dogs are so adorable, I wish I could take one home! But I already have two, and my mom’s not letting me (read: the family) get anymore. T.T They were so cute! There was a really sweet one named Nena, and she was just the cutest! I wanted to walk her forever, but there were other dogs that needed walking. Brittany fell in love with a long-haired Chihuahua (who had his hair shaved) named Ace. His ears looked like bat ears! He was so adventurous and kept wandering around everywhere! Ah~ I want to go back and help out again!

Thursday was boring. XD But Friday, I got to see The Lion King production at Mandalay Bay. It replaced The Phantom of the Opera as my favorite Vegas production. It replaced it so fast. By the end of the first act, I was like, “LIIIOOOONNNNN KIIIINNNGGGG I LOVE YOU.”

Saturday was nothing special. Went out driving again, got really anxious when my dad told me we were going to learn how to park, and learned that I can’t park for crap. Actually driving around was a lot better than driving in the parking lot, simply because my dad said nothing and I could focus on the road. Same for today, too, except we spent more time parking. I hate parking the car. I can’t do it turning in or backing in. Turning in, I hit imaginary cars. Backing in, I cross the line and still hit imaginary cars.

Still working on NaNo, and I’m where I need to be. I’m still typing to get a head start on tomorrow’s, because I know I will be busy. What makes me happy is that I finally got some time to work on my story that I hope to get published. I’ve been neglecting it for a while, trying to work out characters and plot points and deaths and such.

I’ll hopefully be able to take a picture of my almost finished Katamari soon, and the elephant whose body is almost finished.


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